Our history of successes and failures to improve the quality of education in Nepal’s primary education system.

From 2007 to 2017 we founded and managed the UK Charity, Nepal Schools Aid. Our organisation in Nepal was totally focused on developing the whole education system and to pursue this we created an NGO (Nepal Education Leadership Foundation), trained 2000 teachers from 200 schools in Kathmandu, worked with 4 colleges on community development programmes, sponsored MPhil research into defining, measuring, and developing the concept of Quality Education, and launched an online learning resource for global use into Quality Education in schools. From this activity we wrote several academic but highly practical papers which are freely available for download from the Resources page of this website.

Our final act before closure has been to make unparalleled support to one of the poorest schools in Kathmandu. Motibinayak School on the outskirts of Lalitpur was one of the earliest schools we supported with teacher training and their school was badly hit by the 2015 earthquake. We have just finished rebuilding their school as a modern child centred school, PLUS, created a Trust Fund for them providing exercise books for every child annually, a party/games day for the school annually, and an annual Parent of the Year award.

UK Trustees of the Nepal Schools Aid Charity (Now closed)

  • Dr Champa Metters
  • Dr Brian Metters
  • Mrs Sharon Clack
  • Mr Michael Clack

Nepal Contributors & ex Staff

  • Dr Madan D Tuladhar
  • Ladipma Kirati
  • Babita Shrestha
  • Sangita Bandhari
  • Indira Sharma
  • Samjhana Thapa
  • Meryna Shrestha
  • Manisha Pokharel
  • Sandhya Acharya
  • Smita KC

Contributions from UK Experts

  • Janice Brockbank (ex Head Teacher, Haverigg Primary School)
  • Mel Narongchai (Head Teacher, Haverigg Primary School)
  • Chris Powell (Teacher, Haverigg Primary School)
  • Jenny StonemanĀ (Teacher, Haverigg Primary School)
  • Sue BarkerĀ (Teacher, Haverigg Primary School)
  • Pete Clarke (Teacher, Black Combe School, Millom)

“Without all of these people, NONE of the development of 200 schools, 2000 teachers, or the creation of these online programmes would have been possible. Nepal owes them a HUGE debt of gratitude”

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